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Moments after joining the Maple Leafs Ryan Reaves called his shot: 

"I come in pretty hot," Reaves promised.

No one doubted the veteran fourth-line heavyweight would add some toughness but it’s his ability to play the roles of hype-man and dressing room DJ that’s changed the atmosphere for the team and that showed up immediately on the ice.

In the season opener, after throwing a few bone-rattling hits he dropped the gloves with Montreal’s resident enforcer Arber Xhekaj.

In just 8 minutes of ice-time, he was an instant fan favourite for Leafs Nation.

For five years, the Maple Leafs had been sticking with the same goal song and game plan.

Reaves had a say in getting it changed.

What does he like most about the new jam, Kid Cudi's Pusuit of Happiness (Steve Aoki remix)? "It's not the old one," Reaves quips.

"I don't really know Hall & Oates. I just know that's not a goal song."

To say the more relaxed mood around the Maple Leafs is all Reaves' doing may be a stretch but there is no doubt his confidence, fearlessness, and understanding that it's okay for hockey to be both a sport and entertainment product is contagious.

New teammate and WHL-product Fraser Minten got the full Reaves treatment in the season-opening warm-up when Reaves pushed him to do a rookie lap after convincing him he needed it.

And it was Reaves who interrupted Max Domi's live pre-game interview with a few squirts from a water bottle.

Reaves has made his presence known in the dressing room and felt on the ice.

And maybe it’s just what the Maple Leafs have been waiting for:

Good times.

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