Kaillie Humphries

Kaillie Humphries

Olympic Champion

Kaillie Humphries is simply one of the most dominant athletes in bobsleigh history.

With three World Cup Overall titles, five World Championship wins, back-to-back Olympic gold medals in 2010 and in 2014, and a Lou Marsh Award as Canada's top athlete, she's solidified her reputation as the best female pilot in the world.

Then, in September 2014, came a new, unexpected challenge.

Bobsleigh's international governing body announced that they would allow mixed-gender teams to enter the 4-person event giving Kaillie the opportunity to compete against men.

Seizing the opportunity to break a long-standing barrier, Kaillie piloted a mixed-gender team in two North America Cup events, finishing sixth and second, before becoming the first woman to pilot an all-female 4-person team in a men's World Cup.

Emboldened by the possibility of change within the sport, Kaillie has become a champion for gender equality and is actively leading an international movement for the inclusion of 4-woman bobsleigh in the Olympic programme.

She was also an ambassador for Fuelling Women Champions, a national program that supports community sport initiatives that help change the game for young women across Canada and encourage a lifetime of health benefits.

Challenged with body image issues for most of her life, Kaillie has never conformed to a standard definition of feminine beauty.

With a physique crafted in the gym through countless hours of training and body art that defies convention, she’s learned to love both her form and its function.

In 2019, her relentless workouts on Instagram caught the attention of Sports Illustrated that named her #17 on the list of the Fittest 50 women in sports. 

Any guesses on where she'll end up on the Fittest 50 list in 2020?

Following a 2019-20 season where she transitioned from Team Canada to Team USA to join her husband and former bobsledder Travis Armbruster in San Diego, Kaillie looked to regain the form that made her an Olympic Champion.

Rested and ready, she partnered with Lauren Gibbs to win the two-woman World Championship.

And in 2021, she partnered with former track star-turned-breakwoman Lolo Jones to create a formidable team that immediately paid dividends with a second consecutive World Championship win.

And the advocacy work that she had committed to resulted in the introduction of women's monobob at the World Championships in 2021 giving Kaillie an opportunity to win both the team and individual event — which she promptly accomplished for Team USA.

Three World Championship events, three gold medals.

Now, as a two-time Olympic Champion, Kaillie has found a new focus on extending her dominance and growing legacy in the sport with the goal of winning two more Olympic gold medals for Team USA.

In the most dominant performance in bobsleigh in the past 42 years, Kaillie won the debut of monobob and her third Olympic gold medal. 

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