Brady Leman

Brady Leman

SKI CROSS — Targeting Beijing 2022

2018 Olympic Gold Medalist
2019 World Championships Silver Medalist 
2017 World Cup Ranking — Second Overall
2017 World Cup Gold Medalist — Blue Mountain
2016 X Games Gold Medalist
2014 Olympic Games — 4th Place 
Social Followers: Instagram, 14,500; Twitter, 2,300; Facebook, 1,300
Hometown: Calgary, Alberta

Following an inspired performance in PyeongChang 2018, where he won gold in Ski Cross, Brady Leman stepped onto the Olympic Podium that was so close in Sochi 2014 but just out of reach.

For the Leman family, who have been involved in skiing in Calgary and Alberta for decades, the golden moment at the Olympics was over 25 years in the making.

“My parents have played a pretty large role in the ski racing community in Alberta since the early 1990s, back when i was known as 'lil' screamin' Leman,'” explained Brady.

His dad, Chris, has held several head coaching positions and his mom Maureen, was president of Alberta Alpine in the early 2000s, and helped to establish the province as a major force in alpine ski racing in Canada.

That parental support was much needed in Sochi 2014 when Brady finished fourth in the Ski Cross Final.

“I was crushed after that race but when I saw my parents they were still smiling and so proud,” said Brady.

“They reminded me that fourth at the Olympics was still an incredible accomplishment, and it made disappointment so much easier to manage.”

His memorable win in South Korea also lead to one of the most redeeming hashtags of the Olympics: #FromFourthToFirst.

Now, as an Olympic Champion, with an X Games gold medal, Brady is setting his sights on a Crystal Globe and a World Championship as he continues to lead the Canadian Ski Cross Team into Beijing 2022.

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