Alek Manoah

Alek Manoah

MLB — Toronto Blue Jays

2019 MLB First Round Draft Pick (11th Overall)
3-0 Record with Triple-A Buffalo Bisons (0.50 ERA)
Social Followers: Twitter, 15,000; Instagram, 21,500
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After three starts in Triple-A and 35 innings in the minor leagues, starting pitcher Alek Manoah is about to face his biggest challenge yet.

In his first major league start for the Blue Jays, Alek Manoah is set to pitch against the Yankees.

In the fabled Bronx.

A combination of stellar starts this season in the minors and much-needed depth required in the Blue Jays starting rotation, have accelerated the development plans for the 23-year old who had already dominated Triple-A.

In his first start for the Buffalo Bisons, he struck out 12 while allowing just two hits.

In his second outing, he carried a no-hitter into the sixth inning while holding the opposition scoreless.

And, in his third outing, he struck out 10 while allowing just one run.

There's also a developmental case for promoting Manoah to the Blue Jays starting rotation.

When asked what Manoah can work on in his game, GM Ross Atkins pointed to his command and using his breaking ball more consistently when he's behind in counts.

"His fastball is such an effective weapon that he has to challenge himself against certain hitters to use his entire arsenal," Atkins said. 

And on May 27, he made his debut testing his high-90s fastball, breaking ball and change-up against the one of the most dangerous line-ups in Major League Baseball.


A dominant pitching performance with 6 scoreless innings and 7 strikeouts, allowing only two hits.

But the most memorable moment came in the post-game interview with Blue Jays sideline reporter Hazel Mae about the importance of family in his life.

Filled with emotion after the win, he opened up about the sacrifices his parents had made to give him a chance at a pro career: 

"I've seen my mom not eat dinner to feed me and my brother."

Impressive debut. Even better human.

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