We believe that Olympians are powerful role models, nation-builders, social and editorial influencers and compelling brand spokespersons.

If you’d like to build your brand’s conversation with consumers, flexible opportunities are available that directly connect Canada’s Olympians and Paralympians with your marketing objectives.

For more information, please contact Maddie Edwards, Athlete and Sponsorship Manager.

Dr. Hayley Wickenheiser

Carey Price

Mark McMorris

Matt Berger

Brad Gushue

Jon Montgomery

ERIN Brooks

Natalie Spooner

Meaghan Mikkelson

Charles Hamelin

Alannah Yip

Noah Bowman

Marielle Thompson

Reece Howden

Gilmore Junio

Aaron Brown

Rosie MacLennan

Melissa Bishop

Skylar Park

Erica Wiebe

Spencer O'Brien

Josh Dueck

Patrick Anderson