Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is evolving.

Today, genuine influencers do much more than social posts-for-pay: They engage audiences through personalized brand narratives, beautiful storytelling and a strong social presence.

At Manifesto, we look beyond social media reach to reveal where real influence lives — in well-crafted conversations, savvy editorial outreach, and the ability to passionately engage fans.

And this is where you’ll find our influencer community.

A well-rounded group of sport personalities that can lead national conversations, start parties, and introduce throught-provoking ideas that challenge convention.

For more information about working with our Influencers, please contact Michelle Leslie, Athlete and Sponsorship Specialist.

Tessa Virtue

Mark McMorris

Natalie Spooner

Meaghan Mikkelson

Kaillie Humphries

Spencer O'Brien


TJ Schiller

Craig McMorris

Erik Guay

Rosie MacLennan

Melissa Bishop

Erica Wiebe

Taylor Pischke

Adam van Koeverden

Nolan Patrick