Matt Berger


If skateboarding has ever had a Cinderella story, this is it.

An unknown kid from Kamloops, deep in the depths of British Columbia made his way into the finals of Street League (SLS), quickly writing him into skateboarding’s history books.

Known for his smooth style and insane technical ability, Matt splits his time between the sunny streets of LA and the rainy roads of Vancouver.

A skateboard prodigy, Matt started skating when he was five, first got sponsored when he was ten, and won his first major contest, 2009 Damn Am Canada, when he was just 16.

In 2014, Matt skated the SLS Pro Open and made history as the first amateur to qualify into SLS.

And in his first year, he made it to the Finals at every contest and was the first rookie to ever qualify for the Championship where he ended up in 5th place above SLS veterans Paul Rodriguez and Shane O’Neill.

After a strong year Matt turned pro for Flip Skateboards in 2015 and had a good year in SLS with two top-ten finishes.

After coming back from injury in 2016, Matt is looking to re-establish his competition form and lead Canada's skateboarders in Tokyo 2020.

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