Erica Wiebe

Erica Wiebe is a 1000-watt bulb.

In a blazing attack in the Olympic final at Rio 2016, Erica grappled her way to gold defeating Kazakhstan's Guzel Manyurova with dominant 6-0 score.

Her victory celebration showed Canada that her personality is even brighter than her wrestling talent.

In the moments after winning, she turned a hug with her coach into an unforgettable Olympic moment by picking him up over her shoulders and taking a few laps around the ring.

Since the Olympics, Erica's life has continued to spin.

She accepted an offer to join India's burgeoning Pro Wrestling League — a six-team freestyle wrestling competition in Delhi — complete with Iron-Maiden-worthy pyrotechnics, booming sound systems, national network broadcasts and, of course, some blood.

It's something that Erica had never seen before: "This atmosphere has never existed in wrestling until this league. There's more hype, more media, more lights than at the Olympic Games. It's an incredible showcase for the sport of wrestling."

Erica's starting to get used to the attention.

She's been featured in ads for Toyota and even did a heart-warming social media video for Playtex Sport where she surprised a young group of female wrestlers with a sport grant and new gear.

As someone who tries to say 'yes' to everything, she sees the potential in a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) tryout and the challenge of balancing it with her ambition to compete for Canada in Tokyo 2020.

In September 2017, she accepted WWE's invitation to walk the red carpet and glimpse behind-the-scenes in Las Vegas. And then joined the entertainment juggernaut in Orlando for an official training camp.

"Four years is a long time, but I love the sport of wrestling and I still feel like I'm scratching the surface of what I'm capable of, and so it's exciting to just get back to training and focus on what I love doing most," Erica added.

Whatever the future holds one thing is certain, Erica Wiebe will pin it to the mat and come out on top.

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