SHORT TRACK – Targeting Milan Cortina 2026

2022 Olympic Gold Medalist, Team Relay
2022 Olympic Silver Medalist,1,500 metres
2022 Olympic Bronze Medalist, 500 metres
2021 Canadian Overall Champion
2022 World Championship Bronze Medalist, Team Relay
Social Followers: Instagram, 7,200
Hometown: Laval, Quebec

In his first Olympic Games, Steven Dubois became Beijing's breakout short track star completing a distinctly-Canadian natural hat trick winning a gold, silver and bronze medal.

Dubois emerged from the 2021 Canadian Championships as the overall winner and went into the Olympics with personal confidence and a commitment to building Team Canada’s dominance in short track.

What happened next ushered in a new generation for the sport in Canada following the lead of legends Marc Gagnon and Dubois’ teammate Charles Hamelin.

First, Dubois won the silver medal in the 1,500 metres.

Followed days later by a bronze medal in the 500 metres.

And then, in a triumphant end to the Olympics, he completed the career podium as the anchor for the final two laps to win gold in the 5,000 metre Team Relay helping Hamelin win his fourth Olympic gold medal and record-tying sixth Olympic medal overall.

Following the whirlwind of the Olympics, Dubois reflected on his astonishing performances in Beijing 2022 with a simple maxim:

“It’s always the same track, never the same race. You have to be perfect to win.”

And that’s what he’ll be pursuing in Milan Cortina 2026.


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