Maëlle Ricker

Maëlle Ricker

Snowboard Cross

2010 Olympic Gold Medalist
2013 World Champion
2008 World Cup Overall Champion
2006 & 1998 Olympian
Two-time X Games Gold Medalist
Social Followers: Twitter, 1,231; Instagram, 871
Hometown: North Vancouver, British Columbia

This is a Canadian sport story with a truly happy ending.

Growing up among the mountains of West Vancouver and Whistler, Maëlle Ricker’s love of the outdoors developed at a young age.

Consistently trying to keep up with her older brother, Maëlle eventually followed him into the world of snowboarding, swapping racing skis for a board, and icy racecourses for fresh powder.

As a 14-year member of the Canadian National Team, Maëlle has been a trailblazer for women’s snowboarding, competing at both the inaugural snowboarding halfpipe event at the Nagano Olympic Games in 1998 and in the first-ever Snowboard Cross event at the Torino Games in 2006.

Just shy of a medal at both of her previous Olympic Games, Maëlle delivered the performance of her life to the delight of the fans in British Columbia becoming the first Canadian woman to win Olympic gold on home snow.

With west coastal soul, a contagious laugh, and an engaging smile, Maëlle has aligned with Kidsport as an ambassador to help remove the financial barriers to participate in organized sport.

With a World Championship win in 2013, Maëlle filled up her trophy case with the one gold that had eluded her over her career.

Recently retired from competition, she continues to inspire a new generation of young female athletes as a friend, training partner and mentor.

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